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Tea With Queens

Tea With Queens

What do you get when you combine a deaf/blind Drag Queen (Dizzy Bility, he/she/they), a struggling singer song writer (Nick Summerfield he/him), and a mic? This show. From the creators of a mildly entertaining YouTube series comes a mildly entertaining radio show “Tea With Queens: The Podcast” Full of unqualified opinions and advice the Queens discuss a broad range of topics including their own identity, health, and Sydney Queer life.

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Thai Style Mixed Salad

Well the Queens are back at it and this is season two! Grab yourself a cup of liquid and tune in as the Queens talk about what’s been happening in their lives since the end of season 1. Dizzy being in hospital and Nick knowing nothing about it, lol.


Filled with unqualified advice, unwanted opinions and unfulfilled promises season two brings you everything you loved about season one except this time we have a word document! 


Are you in need of some unqualified advice or if you have a “weird or not?” Then email us


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Shameless Plug

We are back after a few busy weeks of Christmas, New Years and an unfortunate second helping of Covid *sad face*


Nick and Dizzy share their “ins and outs” for the new year, which is what the kids call New Year’s resolutions 


We also give advice to “Sarah” who thinks her friendship is one sided and a not so dark “dark secret” for our weird or not.


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Bats (feat. Batoul)

You know we love bringing on interesting people to our humble little podcast to
share stories different from our own and Batoul is no exception.

Ex-Muslim, Ex-Christian, Queer, Bisexual, Lebanese, Woman, Psychologist, Atheist, DJ, and a Libra. We are so excited to have “Bats” on Tea With Queens for to share her story for the finale episode for season 2!

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