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Outspoken Senator Lydia Thorpe Causes a Scene Outside Melbourne Strip Club

Author: DRN1 News


Outspoken independent Senator Lydia Thorpe has caused a stir after a late-night incident outside a strip club in Melbourne. According to witnesses, the Senator was celebrating a friend's birthday when she started shouting at a group of men, using explicit language to express her frustration. One member of the group described her behavior as 'out of control' and claimed that she was provoked.

In a statement, Senator Thorpe defended her actions, saying that she was responding to what she saw as racism and disrespect from the group of men. She also claimed that the incident had been blown out of proportion and that she regretted any offense caused by her language.

The incident has stirred up controversy and raised questions about the behavior of public officials in their private lives. Some have criticized Senator Thorpe for her behavior, arguing that as a public figure, she should have exercised more restraint. Others have defended her, citing the long history of discrimination and oppression faced by Indigenous Australians.

Regardless of one's opinion on the matter, the incident has brought Senator Thorpe's conduct under scrutiny, and many will be watching closely to see how she responds to the criticism.

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