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FRINGE WORLD 2022 - Jez Watts

Jez Watts is a comedian, producer, and podcaster, originally from Perth, Western Australia. Performing live since 2013, he is the creator of The Nasty Show Australia, 50 First Jokes, and other concept shows. He's toured six different solo standup hours and an original choose-your-own-adventure live-multimedia comedy musical. He is currently based in Melbourne.

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WA Nitro Max at the Motoplex

We review Saturday 11th December's WA Nitro Max at the Perth Motorplex.

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Deviant Tech : Nothing but a tutorial

This week, Irony and Pup Noodlz are very nerdy and excited when they speak with Devilish Domina and Deviant Dev about their VR Game Dominatrix Simulator : Threshold.

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100 Fun Facts challenge - the race to the finish line

Where are we finding these fun facts, how many do you know and how many are a surprise?

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DRN1 Life Shows
Supernal Magazine Super Special Festive Season Show

Celebrating the festive season the team gets together with a variety of guests to chat about their year and more importantly what they are planning and looking forward to moving into 2022.

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20 year Special Forces Veteran

Today Damian talks to 20 year Special Forces Veteran- Delta Force SGT MAJOR- John "SHrek" McPhee.

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