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How a near death experience helped my relationship with myself and others

Jennifer explains how she changed her life by following four simple guidelines or as Jennifer calls them, ‘the four agreements’. A discussion ensues, breaking down the ‘four agreements’, what each one means in a practical sense and in relation to others.

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Catch-Up | Monday August 1st 2022

Missed the live show? Don't worry listen to the full episode in podcast format.

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Tea With Queens
Libre Soy

The Queens recap their favourite moments of the season and give their final piece of advice of the season, “how to let it go” or as we incorrectly translate to Spanish… 'Libre Soy'

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Albany Pride Festival 2022
Let's Get Rammed - Perth Rams

Have you wanted to give touch rugby a go? The team behind Albany Pride and the Perth Rams are teaming up to give you a ramming good time. But don't worry if you missed it, you can join Perth Rams and become a member today at

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Maxximize On Air
Around The Campfire
Fetish World Podcast
Sound Bites
Pop Your Cherri
Traxsource Live
Out Loud Queer Music Radio
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Heartfelt Change - You don’t have to be perfect to be a monk!

In this fascinating interview, Dr Nick Ribush shares his amazing journey from life as a child growing up in Melbourne to becoming a Jazz musician. We follow his journey from Melbourne to Brisbane, Queensland, finding a girlfriend, dope, and Buddhism on a travel around the globe, and now heading up a publishing company in the USA. Nick's heartfelt story is simply amazing!

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Past life contracts

Past Life Hypnosist Dee Bucci talks with Peter Zapfella about 'past life contracts' and 'karma'. She also talks about 'consulting beings of light and soul growth.

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