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ROUNDS 9-12 W/George Donaldson

We hit the stages again for Rounds 9-12 of the 2001 Season and we have George’s tales, by whom it’s George Donaldson, successful team manager with Toyota, Mitsubishi and Subaru he tells his tales on his experiences in 2001 and he does have a soft spot for Perth.

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Mr. Jay Callanan former British Police Officer

Tonight my guest is Mr. Jay Callanan former British Police Officer now popular open mic comedian here in Perth.

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100 Fun Facts challenge

Do you have a favourite fun fact? Something to share when you're at dinner parties or filling an awkward silence? This week, Peter and Russell will try and get through 100 fun facts. Do you think they can do it? Do they side track too much? Let's see if they can get through 100 fun facts or will this turn into a multi-episode challenge.

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The Warm Yolk of Success

Still buzzing from the incredible success of the Queer Comedy showcase as well as a delicious-but-messy brunch, Alissia and Chrimbo talk high heels, fine suits, comedy and karaoke. Not that it matters, you were gonna listen to it anyway, right folks? Right?

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DRN1 Life Shows
Sound Healing with Animals

Both Natasha and Therese live in Nicaragua and both have some very special talents. Natasha with her ability to work with horses and other animals.

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20 year Special Forces Veteran

Today Damian talks to 20 year Special Forces Veteran- Delta Force SGT MAJOR- John "SHrek" McPhee.

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