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The Imposter Syndrome

Performer Bonnie Davies and Laugh Resorts Producer and Manager Di Star. We discuss our own personal journeys with Imposters Syndrome.

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Stepping out of your comfort zone

Domestic violence is a topic shuddered by some and blanketed in a cloud of denial. Today we dive into the conversation that should be held with every man and women around the world. Joined by Sheree from I am Sheree, a brave women who survived the horrors of domestic violence and has stepped out to let other women have a voice.

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Deviant Tech : Nothing but a tutorial

This week, Irony and Pup Noodlz are very nerdy and excited when they speak with Devilish Domina and Deviant Dev about their VR Game Dominatrix Simulator : Threshold.

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100 Fun Facts challenge - the race to the finish line

Where are we finding these fun facts, how many do you know and how many are a surprise?

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DRN1 Life Shows
Sound Healing with Animals

Both Natasha and Therese live in Nicaragua and both have some very special talents. Natasha with her ability to work with horses and other animals.

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20 year Special Forces Veteran

Today Damian talks to 20 year Special Forces Veteran- Delta Force SGT MAJOR- John "SHrek" McPhee.

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