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Sound Bites

Sound Bites

<p>Each week Sound Bite's Peter and Russell talk about a topic, tune in and even join in the conversation.</p>

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What is a paradox?

What is a paradox? How do you resolve them? Can they be resolved? This week Peter and Russell go through a number of popular paradoxes and try to figure out though a blend of humour and confusion if there is a way to solve them. Join us for another light hearted walk through the world of paradoxes and see if you come up with the same solutions.

AI, what is it.

Pete and Russell talk about AI, what is it? how's it changing our lives and were is it going? We even go off topic and explore a conspiracy theory or two. We don't always have the answers but we will have fun asking questions. Listen in and even join in each week with Sound Bites.

100 Fun Facts challenge - the race to the finish line

How many facts can you fit in an episode? Where are we finding these fun facts, how many do you know and how many are a surprise?

This episode Peter and Russell are determined to get to 100, listen in and see if we hit the magic 100th fun fact or will we be back again to cross the finish line.