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Eat Well Move Well

Join Damian each Thursday morning at 9:30 for the latest in Eating well and moving well. Eat Well Move Well will focus on the topics that you really care about. From dealing with stress, fitness and sleep this show will teach you that by eating well you will be able to move well.

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Clint Emerson ““Drop The Ego And Be Good to Go For Life” Lessons from a Former Navy Seal Team 6 (DEVGRU) NSA Spy, Author and TV Star

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the now world famous Clint Emerson-Retired 20-year Navy SEAL, who served with the elite DEVGRU and national government agencies.

Clint is the only SEAL ever inducted into the International Spy Museum. Operating from the shadows, with an instinct for running towards trouble, his unique skill sets made him the perfect author and teacher for us all to learn from to survive.

Author of the numerous books, Escape The Wolf, The RUGGED LIFE, 100 deadly skills: combat edition, The right kind of crazy, 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition, and many more ( especially if you speak German).

Clint and I spoke about his latest project, driving 11,000 miles across the USA in 16 days and filming the top people in the country and the world in Self Defense, Weapons, Combat and Survival.

He has launched this all on video at -

We spoke about his fellow SAS Australia TV star and Double World Record Holder- Dean Stott ( ) and Clint’s story about getting to Australia was Hilarious, and unbelievable unless you heard it from the man himself.

His insights into “Transition “ for veterans were insightful, and very helpful for everyone.

But what I found most interesting, aside fro the comedian and operator side, was his humility and lack of ego, which come from these rules he follows:

“ALWAYS BE THE NEW GUY. I get asked often “how did you become an expert at so many skills?

”Simple answer, I’m not an expert, no one is. But I am a lifelong “new guy”.

As a new guy in the SEAL Teams, I was told 6 rules to follow for the rest of my career and if I followed them, I’d be good to go for life.

1. Always be early. 15 minutes early is considered “on time”.

2. Always stay late. There is always something to do that someone else didn’t do.

3. Keep your mouth shut. If you’re talking then you’re not learning.

4. Keep your ears open. Listen to the details - someone’s life could depend on it.

5. Volunteer for everything. It’s better than being volun-told.

6. You will never be an expert. But if you’re gonna try, be an expert student. “

Clint was awesome to finally chat with and very shortly after our interview this happened- more than 12 tornadoes hit where he lives!!

You can find Clint at

On Insta at


And at

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