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Inside Relationships

Inside Relationships

An informative journey into the secrets of personal relationships guided by Accredited Mental Health Social Worker David of Milan Coaching and his partner of 25 years Debra. Each week David and Debra are joined by a special guest from a many different backgrounds ranging from Doctors to Hypnotherapists, to discuss and offer insight into a great variety of interesting relationship topics such as boundaries, commitment, honesty, fidelity, mental health, family, communication, values, narcissism, trauma, longevity, safety, beginning relationships & even how & when to finish a relationship.

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Onscreen relationships vs Reality

David and Debra have a chat with filmmaker Jeremy Mullaly of Ithaka Media about his take on on-screen relationships, including some impacts of reality TV on relationships. For the stars, questions are raised regarding whether reality TV causes trauma and how far is too far for ratings? Using the example of MAFS, the team ponders what is reality TV teaching young people about their relationships and are we normalising bad behaviour with ‘reality TV’. For parents, David talks about how to start to have a safe conversation with your family regarding what relationship behaviour that is being seen on TV.

All about relationship commitment

Being in the industry of wedding photography (and married!), the team thought what better person to discuss commitment with than Jasmin of Whately photography!

The episode discusses ‘what does commitment really mean?’, as well as the different stages of commitment and the reasons why we commit. How seriously do people take commitment?

Also, how do we begin a conversation with our partner around commitment, especially if they are adverse to commitment?

Do we have to put in less or more as the years go by?

What are the levels some people will go to for commitment?

All these questions, answers and more.

Insecurity and the quest for a healthy relationship

In this Episode, hosts David and Debra take a little time to introduce themselves and briefly talk about some of the challenges faced while being married 25 years.

With a special guest Cassie, the theme of this episode revolves around beginning and maintaining a relationship; fast-moving relationships, sticking at it, the death of first love (and holding a candle). Cassie discusses navigating Social media within your relationship and the constant comparisons and the struggle to feel secure in relationship.

We also touch on finding relationships face-to-face vs social media, online judging and how dating has changed; monogamy and the legacy of one night stands. Cassie talks briefly about growing-up with social media and questions ‘to post?’ or ‘not to post’? (are some things too important to post?).

The episode rounds-off with a discussion around five communication keys for a healthy relationship;

  1. Be sensitive,
  2. Be honest (and understand what honesty means to your partner),
  3. Create safety,
  4. See and acknowledge your partner’s perspective and
  5. Understand that all your words have meaning to your partner (even if you don’t mean it).