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Inside Relationships

Inside Relationships

An informative journey into the secrets of personal relationships guided by Accredited Mental Health Social Worker David of Milan Coaching and his partner of 25 years Debra. Each week David and Debra are joined by a special guest from a many different backgrounds ranging from Doctors to Hypnotherapists, to discuss and offer insight into a great variety of interesting relationship topics such as boundaries, commitment, honesty, fidelity, mental health, family, communication, values, narcissism, trauma, longevity, safety, beginning relationships & even how & when to finish a relationship.

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With special guest Katey Butler, life coach

This episode is all about relationships that people get into but want to exit really quickly.

Katey has approximately 17 years working with relationships and social groups, often where there is a lot of awkwardness, stress and anxiety.

David asks how do you know when someone is not right for you?Katey discusses the body reactions when meeting a person and how this can indicate that the person is not right for you.

Katey also gives suggestions around how to break-off an interaction when you suspect that the person is not right for you, particularly in what she labels narcissistic behaviour.

Katey talks about setting boundaries within relationships and how to compromise yet speak your truth.

David emphasises that how people say things to you is important in relationships and taking the time to explore each others personalities helps you get to know a person much better.

How far do we go to defend our relationships?

The team is joined by Bodo Frost to discuss 'how far is too far?', self-defeating behaviour and the power of role modelling.

The question arises, do we condone violence and apologise about it afterwards? How powerful can words be compared with physical behaviour?

Once trauma triggers are recognised, what can be done to manage? Bodo gives an explanation of self-defeating behaviours including his five steps to managing self defeating behaviour. The team discusses barriers to identifying and talking about our feelings. How hard is it to express feelings? How important is dialogue in relationships to express feelings?

How a near death experience helped my relationship with myself and others

This episode emphasises the importance of the relationship you have with yourself first.

Special guest Jennifer Burke talks with David and Russel about her near death experience and what she learnt from it.

Jennifer explains how she changed her life by following four simple guidelines or as Jennifer calls them, ‘the four agreements’. A discussion ensues, breaking down the ‘four agreements’, what each one means in a practical sense and in relation to others.