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Two school students charged with attempted murder Willetton Senior High School teacher
Two school students charged with attempted murder Willetton Senior High School teacher

Author: Matt Travers


Police have arrested a 13-year-old and 14-year-old in connection to an attempted murder incident that was carried out at Willetton Senior High School.

Police say the two adolescent female students had planned the attack for two weeks over the popular chat app Discord. The 14-year-old, who is unknown at this time, brought the 25-cm thick kitchen knife from her home to carry out the attack.

The 14-year-old gave the younger assailant the knife to hide in her bag at the start of school to prevent the older student from being caught with it before she was able to carry out the attack.

At around 11 am that morning, the younger student gave the attacker the blade, and the 14-year-old child proceeded to go into a meeting she had with her Year Coordinator, who also happened to be the person she was planning to attack.

As the meeting finished and the victim turned to leave, that is when the female student turned attempted murder decided to carry out her vicious and calculated attack on the teacher.

She inflicted a 1cm deep in the teacher’s left armpit area. Police have recovered evidence through messages that the teen student researched where the best place to stab someone would be.

Through this research, she decided to either stab the teacher in the neck or in the armpit, the main goal being to sever an artery. Reports state that the teacher is in stable condition and will recover.

Police also recovered messages attaining a plan to burn down the school, with the 14-year-old allegedly doing "a large amount of research" about what gas to use and how long it would take to fill a room and catch fire.

After the attack, the attacker fled the school but was caught hours later by police. The 13-year-old went to her next class and did not mention a word. She was later interviewed by Police, and the 13-year-old admitted to carrying the knife for the attacker and knowing that the attack was going to happen.

Police have stated that the 14-year-old was the ‘driving force’ behind the attack. The 13-year-old was released on bail, while the 14-year-old is being held in a children’s hospital due to mental health concerns.

Update Nov 4th: Update By DRN1

Students have told that they where locked inside their classrooms and was instructed to get to the right side of the room, and away from all windows.

Students tell of teachers acting calm and professional, while some students reported that they felt confused about what was happening when this situation unfolded.

Students where told that they maybe held in their classroom for session 3 and 4, while police and emergancy secured the area, however students only where locked in for session 3, and they resumed class as normal for session 4.

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