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Season 2 Episode: 9
Interview with Vaccine Choice Australia

Vaccine Choice Australia are doing talks around the country explaining the ins and outs of vaccines and why it's important for people to understand what is going on and what their choices are. This is not about telling people what to do and all about education. We also invited Dr Judy Wilyman to join us on this very powerful and enlightening episode.

Vaccine Choice Australia -
Judy Wilyman -

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COVID-19 injections are very different from typical vaccines

Dr Judy Wilyman has been slammed by media and other sources over her critical thesis into all facets of vaccines. Her scientific study has been backed up with creditable facts and is well researched. On this show Dr Judy explains in detail about how vaccines work, their role in society and how the new COVID-19 injections are very different from typical vaccines.

Deeper understanding of Human Design

Ben is passionate about Human Design and on his second visit to the Supernal Podcast couch He, Shirley and Anthony get into a much deeper understanding on how Human Design can help everybody on the planet to find their unique selves. This creates some passionate discussion and well worth listening to.

An Interview with Colin Hayter

Colin is a true story teller and this interview like the last episode is more about us listening enthralled than asking questions. Colin continues to converse about his passion of Egyptian history and how it ties in with the sacred Bambarra Forest.