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Season 3 Episode: 1
Wholefood Medicine Cowboy Don Tolman - 'Wisdom of the Ancients', food, expansion and a healthy life!

Don Tolman has lived an amazing life that has seen him travel the globe as a speaker and author in understanding food and how it works in the body. As a vegetarian from birth, Don knew there was something magical about food and once he heard about Pulse as a food of life, he travelled the world to find it. This interview is fun, blunt and guaranteed to open the listener's minds!

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Sacred Geometry architecture with Michael Rice. The Supernal team were kept quiet during this podcast .

COVID-19 injections are very different from typical vaccines

Dr Judy Wilyman has been slammed by media and other sources over her critical thesis into all facets of vaccines. Her scientific study has been backed up with creditable facts and is well researched. On this show Dr Judy explains in detail about how vaccines work, their role in society and how the new COVID-19 injections are very different from typical vaccines.

Deborah Haight released her new book.

Deborah Haight released her new book, The Hierophant - Book One -The Return of Memory. Deborah's story is amazing and having known Jose Aiguilles from the Law of Time and Galactic Mayan Calendar she also knows ShirleySienna very well. This is a funny episode with some amazing details about her new book and it's elemental characters!