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Supernal Radio Show

Supernal Radio Show

Season 3 Episode: 1
Wholefood Medicine Cowboy Don Tolman - 'Wisdom of the Ancients', food, expansion and a healthy life!
Don Tolman has lived an amazing life that has seen him travel the globe as a speaker and author in understanding food and how it works in the body. As a vegetarian from birth, Don knew there was something magical about food and once he heard about Pulse as a food of life, he travelled the world to find it. This interview is fun, blunt and guaranteed to open the listener's minds!

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More Episodes:

An Interview with Colin Hayter

Colin is a true story teller and this interview like the last episode is more about us listening enthralled than asking questions. Colin continues to converse about his passion of Egyptian history and how it ties in with the sacred Bambarra Forest.

An Interview with Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot

Charles is from Gaian Heart Wisdom takes us through his life journey from birth in India and growing up with his very special Nona to moving to Australia feeling lost and depressed. His story of working as a councillor, meeting local Elders and connecting to the heart of Australia is simply amazing and fascinating to hear.

Domestic Violence

The team discuss Domestic Violence in detail as covered in the February issue of Supernal Magazine Australia. There's a big discussion on what 2020 reflects and how internal balance energetically (Masculine and Feminine) can make a difference in life. Topics covered also include how to Enlighten Up - dealing with poisonous emotions. Read Supernal Magazine Free at