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Season 3 Episode: 5
Self > Actualisation - The June July bumper issue of Supernal magazine - What is it all about?
The June July bumper issue of Supernal Magazine was a tough one to research, write and create by the whole team. The current topics that are impacting the world, threatening our way of life and our Sovereignty, are many and varied, yet the truth is out there. Our Supernal hosts break it down and offer hope to a much brighter future towards enlightenment.

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Sacred Geometry with Michael Rice on architecture

Sacred Geometry architecture with Michael Rice. The Supernal team were kept quiet during this podcast .

An Interview with Ben Dalton

Ben Dalton has delved deeply into the world of Human Design and Evolutionary Astrology and is Educational Consultant. This fascinating discussion explores how understanding Human Design can change a person’s life as they find out and understand how to fit into the world, being present in time!

An Interview with Colin Hayter

Colin is a true story teller and this interview is more about us listening enthralled than asking questions. Colin takes us through his phenomenal journey as a builder to learning to read about Egyptian glyphs, helping to save the sacred Bambarra Forest and undertaking his own personal indoctrination into Indigenous Culture and history.